A handy manual for the metalwork industry always in your pocket! This technical manual includes a large variety of calculators, most commonly used tables and guides. The App is free to use and you can download it for Android or iOS devices from app store under the name Camcut.



Camcut mobile app includes a variety of technical calculators which help you to calculate machining values, coordinates, thermal expansion and other calculations related to metalwork. The application also includes many different standardized tables, which have been published with the permission of Finnish Standards Association (SFS). In these tables you can find for example dimensions for different threads as well as general and ISO tolerances. The application's guides include plenty of useful information about most relevant topics in machining, such as G-codes and functionalities of Mastercam. The application is specifically designed as a tool for production workers and other personnel of machining workshops, as well as an aid for metalwork teachers and students. The application is free of charge.


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▪ Spindle Speed

▪ Cutting Speed

▪ Table Feed

▪ Feed per Toorh

▪ Milling Removal Rate

▪ Average Chip Thickness

▪ Surface Roughness for Lathe



▪ Thermal Expansion

▪ Triangle Calculator

▪ Bolt Circle Calculator

▪ Cutting Fluid Concentration

▪ Unit Converter (mm/inch, angles, hardness, surface roughness)

▪ Workpiece Price Calculator



▪ ISO Tolerances (EN ISO 286)

▪ General Tolerances (EN 22768-1 ja EN 22768-2)

▪ Thread dimensions (ISO M, ISO MF, UNC, UNF, UNEF, BSF, BSW, PG, BA)



▪ Mastercam Shortcuts

▪ G Codes

▪ M Codes


You can access the info page through any of the app's features just by tapping on the question mark symbol. The info page contains more details about said feature, calculations and technical terms


We are constantly developing the app. If you notice any inaccurate information or something doesn't work the way it should, do not hesitate to contact us on This will help us to provide an even better tool for everybody to use


We are more than happy to receive improvement suggestions and ideas about new features for the app.


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